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Finding a job with an unemployed status is a deadly mistake!




HR filters job applicants by employment status




Unemployed job seekers feel vulnerable to negotiate a better salary

Why Us

Our services aim to assist you in securing a position within a company, providing you with a title and an improved salary that you can leverage when negotiating with prospective employers.

Not getting responses from hiring companies?

Our objective is to support you in obtaining an Employed status, ensuring that you are not overlooked or excluded as a job candidate due to being unemployed.

Not satisfied with your previous salary?

Our assistance is aimed at helping you secure a higher salary rate, enabling you to attain a better salary in your upcoming position.


After completing my college education, I did not receive any interview opportunities. However, Job-Parking played a crucial role in securing me a position at a consulting firm. As a result, I transitioned from being unemployed to being employed within just one month.

Elliot - Junior Software Engineer

My main objective is to attain a higher salary. Thanks to Job-Parking's assistance in obtaining the senior software developer designation, I managed to secure a significant increase in my salary from my new employer. I am delighted because my previous software developer title would not have enabled me to reach this level of income.

Milton - Senior Software Developer

Having worked as a developer for a decade, I discovered my growing interest in the product aspect of work. Nonetheless, making a transition without an opportunity in the product domain proved to be challenging. Fortunately, Job-Parking played a vital role in securing a Product Manager position for me initially. As a result, I am now employed as a Product Manager in a new company.

Zachary - Product Manager

Service Area


Where do job positions come from?

Through our partnerships with numerous global consulting firms, we aid these companies in meeting the prerequisites to bid on diverse local or global contracts. One such requirement is to have an adequate pool of skilled professionals for the contract. Our role involves assisting these companies in fulfilling their staffing needs.

Do I get paid for the position?

You are hired as a contractor. If you get a work assignment from a hiring company, you will be paid based on your hourly rate in your hiring contract.

Do I get employee benefits?

You do not get employee benefits from the hiring company as a contractor.

Do I get a Certificate of Employment?

Yes, you can request a copy of Employment Certificate once a month. The certificate contains your position, hiring date, and annual salary based on your hourly rate.

Do I get an email address from the hiring company?

Yes, you will get your email address from the hiring company.

How much is this service?

We charge this service as an annual service fee starting from your hiring date. Each country/area has different rates. Please send us an inquiry via Contact Us.

How do I pay for the service?

We will email you our local partner information with its bank account number. Only use this account number for your payment.

Does the local partner know which company hires me?

No, our local partner does not know which company hires you. For your privacy and future protection, it’s better you keep this information yourself even if our local partner asks you.

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